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Hi everyone
I have an update. You may remember my thread and the Endo Doc that made a critical error in my case that after getting all my records and doing the research, I found the error.
Well a few things.

1. My PCP stopped my Synthroid. Saying the dose was too high (75 and I told them it was to start off with but what do I know) and that is not what I need. They do not feel Synthroid will help me now So cold turkey stopped it.
2. I am having a bunch of tests tomorrow.

New TSH, T3, T4
TPO Antibodies (not sure what that one is...TPO??)

3. I see a new Endo Doc that came from a big university here and has a new practice. I was put into the schedule right away verses waiting months.

4. Old Endo doc (the GURU) that messed up, got my letter, tried to call me himself personally 7 times in one day. I did not take his call. I cannot take his call right now. Too upset. I'm sick as a dog due to HIM. Funny, he would not call me before the letter. His Nurse blew me off for days on end but now they get the certified 5 page letter w/ proof of the mistakes and 7 calls in one day!

5. PCP thinks the new Endo will put me on Cymotel.

Not sure what's going on but I'll let you know the resutls soon as I get them.

Right now I have alot of joint pain. Very severe pain/stiffness in my hands feet in the morning. Lots of pain at night. But in the morning it takes me two hours before I can hold a cup/glass or anything. It's awful.

Thyroid feels swollen. My hair is not falling out anymore (odd). I still cannot drive at night. Night blindness big time.

Still feel like a mack truck hit me

New update to follow but anyone have any thoughts? Thanks so much for your help.