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I have been struggling w/underactive thyroid, depression and now Rosacea which all occured at same time about 4 yrs. ago. Used to have flawless skin. Have been taking about 150mcg/day of Synthroid (have been higher and lower dosed) and now take Wellbutrin for depression (byproduct of low thyroid). Your article about Selenium was interesting because I have been using a product called Metrocreme which is used for Rosacea for 4 years to no result. Now I just tried a new product called Rosunil Cleanser w/Selenium Sulfanemide (sp) and it is working wonders. I am not thinking there has to be a connection between the thyroid thing, the rosacea and lack of this Selenium/Sulphur product. I would be interested in your thougts. By the way, when first checked my TSH was 63.45...now we keep it at about .03 or so and I feel great. The face has been in terrible shape all these years and nothing worked until now. Maybe I should run to the drug store and buy this Selenium supplement. Interested in your thought. Thanks, Rhonda Jones
I too, am interested in Selenium as it relates to thyroid because I have been on synthroid for 4 yrs. now and my face all of a sudden developed a severe case of Rosacea to which no doctor has been able to treat. I have used Metrocreme all this time and it doesn't work..Now there is a new product on the market w/Selenium Sulfanimide (sp) and it is working miracles. Perhaps I should take a Selenium supplement w/Sulfer. These must be the magic ingredients for my face and problem. Also, another person on here posted something similar about the connection between selenium and her TSH>

Appreciate your thought.
Rhonda Jones