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I'm a little confused. Here's my long story....Before my ovulation time, my normal body temp would be around 97.5. Since then it has elevated to over 98 degrees and stayed there. Coincidentally, I started taking Vitamin E. Could vitamin E cause this rise in temperature or is it possible I'm pregnant? Also prescription for thyroid switched to synthroid from generic. I know body temps can be affected by thyroid. I had cramping on day 21, brown spotting on days 27 thru 31. Was this my period?? On day 35 now. I'm a diabetic and my blood sugars were crazy til today. I got them stabilized but using much more insulin than usual. High sugars have been ongoing since day 22. This is not normal at all for me. Any help is appreciated. I hope this isn't too confusing. Sorry for so many questions.

One more thing I had huge boobs :D til day 21 and that disappeared. Now they just kinda hurt a little only when wearing a bra. :confused: