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You know, interestingly enough I just researched some issue about body temp. I found that AVERAGE body temp, according to the books is actually 98.6 degrees +- a degree or two. Meaning, it is actually NORMAL to have a temp RANGE.

"What is your normal body temperature? It's probably not 98.6 °F, the oft-quoted average that was determined in the nineteenth century. A recent study has reported an average temperature of 98.2 °F."

"Our findings conflicted with Wunderlich's in that 36.8 degrees C (98.2 degrees F) rather than 37.0 degrees C (98.6 degrees F) was the mean oral temperature of our subjects.... Thirty-seven degrees centigrade (98.6 degrees F) should be abandoned as a concept relevant to clinical thermometry...."

From what I've found, it is quite normal to have a waking basal temperature of 97.2 - 98.2. In fact, most people cool down during sleep because the metabolism slows down during rest so there is no need to be hot. 97.4 waking basal temp seemed to be the norm. My opinion is that although temperature, if taken daily at the same time, can be a gage FOR YOU to find changes, but is not a tool to be used to compare to others, unless you are reading a 96.0 body temp each morning. At those low temps, you are just hypo most likely.

Out of curiosity I asked both my parents, my brother and wife all to take their temps one night and they all have healthy thyroids except for my mother. All mody temps were like 97.2, 97.9 and mine was like 98.6 at the time. I was the only "normal" body temp in the bunch and Im the one with the most problems. I just no longer believe body temp is as useful a gage of wellness as I once thought it was.

It does help to see if you are getting better. IE: Your morning body temp is 95 degrees every single day and you start taking Armour or Synthroid and your body temp slowly rises over time to 98.2 in the morning, then you know you are getting better. However, it does not tell you that you are messed up if you wake up to find your temp is only 97.4. A case can be made for the fact that during the height of your day, when you are awake, moving and fed, the body temp of a healthy person should probably be between 97.9 and 98.9 for most people.