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You can use a little Synthroid. Maybe ask about lowering your Armour and adding some straight T4, asin Synthroid.
Yeah, your free's are still too low so you need a little more t4. Here is the problem, most dr's look at that tsh and panic and reduce your meds.........in reality they need to focus on the free's and since yours are low you need an increase in meds despite that low tsh. My tsh was down to 1 and yet my free t4 and free t3, like yours, were still not in the upper part of the ranges so I had another increase. That did the trick, getting those free;s up there, it makes all the difference in the world.

Your free t3 is a bit low too, so you might need to add some of that.

I gained weight on Armour no matter what the numbers were..............some times it is just a brand issue as well. I am up to 225mcgs of synthroid and 12.5 mcgs of cytomel and now I can loose weight even after having my thyroid totally removed. It is just such a fine balance.

Good luck,
My first question is lhow long have you been on that amount? YOu would want to stay on a steady dose for at least 6 weeks, some recommend 8 and even after that it can take a while to feel the benefits. Given that, though, it does appear that your T4 is well below your T3 and may be the cause of why you are not feeling well. As Nasty said you may benefit from adding in a little T4 and seeing.

For me I was on Armour with numbers similar to yours...I tried adding in the T4 but it did not workwell for me and I am now on just synthroid...still not there yet but better...everyone is different and addition of T4 may work for you...but also it is not your only option so that is good news as well. Pixiek