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this medication for hypothyroid???? I have heard good/bad about this, but I am going to give it a try. I had lost about 25lbs. about six months ago; before my thyroid started going into hyper mode :rolleyes: so I was told to go off my med at the time (synthroid) which I felt great at the time I was told my lab results showed my thyroid was making too much?????.

So then the thyroid scan etc... I had nodules also............it was suggested I have the thyroid treatment (nuclear medicine) and was informed it would take about six weeks after treatment for my endo to be able to put me on the right med/dosage. My endo (before treatment) told me that after the treatment in nuclear med. that my thyroid would eventually become hypo.

I just wanted to feel better :eek: I had been off thyroid med. for a while and didn't have the desire to work out anymore at all, and I had been going to the gym atleast four days a week, as well as getting in cardio workouts.
Slowly I went into this terrible roller coaster ride, and I wanted off of the ride ASAP!!!!! The 25lbs. I had lost well............about 15 of it has come back. I literally forced my self these past few weeks to just get to the gym, and did half of what I normally could do :confused:

Just weak all over, and joint pain like never before. I am only 5'4" so the weight gain really shows *LOL* I will give this med a try, and I hope it helps. If any one has input on this it would be appreciated :bouncing: I also found out I am menopausal...................double whammy. I am trying to read as much as possible, and make intelligent choices. My endo also started me on premarin (0.3 mg) for now. I have had a hysterectomy (ovaries remain) so he mentioned that since I no longer have a uterus my chance of breast cancer are not a huge concern. I am 45 and just want my life back!!!! I am a go getter, but my go getter is so slow right now :)

Any one with advice/input/their story/ I would love to read about it; in hopes to better understand my own situation. I know it could be worse for me, but I need to hear from people in my situation...............

Thank you for reading my story!!!
Take Care :)