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I recently checked out some books from my local library. The Complete Thyroid Book (Ain and Rosenthal) and Living Well with Hypothyroidism (Shomon) and have already read conflicitng information even though both seem to be publish recently. Before I continue into these, does anyone know if one is better than the other? It seems like 2 different views on a lot of things. Or if there is another book that I should look for instead of these.

I am a newer person to this, only a few months and just trying to find out the correct info for me. I have Hashimoto's and take Synthroid daily with very few improvements overall and worse symptoms than ever before. He recently tested my Free's and they were within range, but on the very low side of them. We never tested before so I have nothing to compare them too. He thinks I am fine because they are within range, but I feel horrible. So off to the library I went and now these books have made it more confusing. Thanks in advance for any book recommendations.
A doctor who thinks that frees anywhere within the range are just fine is a terrible thyroid doc. Everyone has a set point within those ranges where they feel best... like having a specific shoe size within the normal 7-10B women's range. Your feet will feel murdered if your size is 9 and you try to wear a 6. Same deal with thyroid hormone.

Thyroid treatment is so open to interpretation that you won't find any authors who agree on much. The better ones are Dr. John Dommisse, Dr. Stephen Langer, Dr. John Lowe, Dr. Richard Shames, Dr. David Derry. Even they have different points of view.

What you absolutely don't want is a doctor who thinks he learned it all in med school from his Endocrinology 101 textbook and hasn't learned anything since then. You need someone with an open mind who will treat you and your symptoms according to how you feel, and who uses lab results only as a guide, not as a bible.

Synthroid doesn't work for everyone. Some MDs don't understand that either. To echo Robin, don't be afraid to shop around for a better doctor. Most of us have had to do that more than once to get effective treatment.