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i'm on 100 mcg of synthroid and 15 of cytomel. at the same time, early in the morning. cytomel really really helped. but ... it's because i don't convert T4 into T3 at all. Your Dr needs to check on whether your T3 levels are moving on synthroid alone. On 112 (or was it 118 :rolleyes: ) of synthroid my T3 levels were unchanged at low 'normal'. once I was on cytomel, they improved a lot.

I feel much better on cytomel and synthroid combined. you synthoid will have to come down to make room for cytomel, if you end up on it. it really will depend on how your body is converting T4 to T3 already. IMO it's not better than synthroid but it is different. if your body needs it, you'll really notice a change.

Losing weight - it's not like when I was 20 but i have managed to lose a few pounds. It's like midwest said, it helps level the playing field.

I definitely have better energy and my hair and skin aren't as dry.
Quote from Anju20:
How is armour working for you? do u feel a difference? were you taking synthyroid before this? What kind of things got better for you once you started taking armour. I am also thinking about armour. thanks.
My main hypo symptoms before treatment were not very typical. I had chest pain, shortness of breath, mental dullness (memory and concentration problems), heartburn, spiky blood pressure, and foot pain. No fatigue, no hair loss, no weight gain... none of the more common ones.
I started on 75 mcgs of Synthroid and quickly became overdosed on it. The endo reduced the dose to 50, which is the lowest therapeutic dose there is, and I was still overdosed on that. She told me to just stop it and wait until I got sicker and could "maybe" tolerate the Synthroid. That's when I decided to find a doctor who prescribes Armour. I haven't had any oversensitivity problem with it, and all the hypo symptoms that I had are gone. The memory and concentration problems were the first to disappear for me. Individual response varies, though, and it may be different for you.

So, I can't honestly say if T3 specifically made any difference to me, because I've only been on the two drugs and couldn't tolerate the T4-only long enough to see what it might have done for me if I'd been able to take it. Armour has, in effect, been the only drug I've known.

Whether you stay on Synthroid and add Cytomel, or whether you switch to Armour may depend on the doctor you see. The majority refuse to Rx Armour at all. They believe its strength and purity is unreliable... but of course, they're wrong. That's just what they've been taught by schools that accept $ynthroid funding.
Then there are those who refuse to believe T3 is ever needed by anyone who are just as wrong.

Let us know what happens with the new doc. Hope he's everything you hope for!
I take Cytomel and have since about a week after my TT. I take 12.5 mcgs of it along with 225mcgs of synthroid. It made a huge difference in how I felt with my hairloss and my energy.

It is worth giving it a shot, but, do take it slowly by starting at a low, low dose............