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Hello All!

It's been a long time time since I have posted anything here but I am at my wits end and I need some help.

I had a TT in March '05 and initially, I felt great but lately--for the last three to four months I have been going through something terrible. I am always in pain, my shoulders, my stomach area (below my breasts) my breast, my chest, my arms feel like bricks, my legs are so heavy I feel like I'm dragging them. I get up in the morning and my neck is tight like someone is choking me and I have NOOOOOOOOOO energy. My doctor has not increased my meds..I'm on .125 synthroid and have been since TT and in July my TSH was 53 but the the t3 and t4 were in the normal ranges.

Presently, I am at work with this discomfort on the left side of my body and I feel like going to the emergency room where I know they'll tell me it's Panic/Anxiety.

DOES THIS EVER GET BETTER? (tears). I am so miserable. Please send me some words of comfort.