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I am frustrated because I have a tsh which has fluctuated from a 15 in July to a 5 in October and now a 22 in December.

I have a very hight heart rate while in the doctor's office yet 100--115, yet it is always somewhere around 84 at home. I get very nervous in the doctor's office yet my endo will not give me synthroid even though my bloodwork indicates I need it and he thinks I have hashimotos. He says my heart sounds fine with the stethoscope except for being fast and that yes 84 at home is normal but he is now saying he is going to put me on a 24 hour holter monitor to "prove " my hear is ok.
Has anyone else experienced this and does synthroid REALLY speed you hear rate up alot?
I'm not sure what's happening with you, but I suspect you have anxiety which is related to your hypoT... or maybe it's related to your doctor's inept treatment of your condition... or most likely, some of both.

I used to have "white coat hypertension", the kind of spikey-high blood pressure which happened only at the doctor's office. My stupid former PCP, who refused to screen for hypoT when I asked him to, wanted to put me on BP medication for it, but I refused. Once my thyroid levels got better, those spikes have disappeared.

There's no guarantee Synthroid will speed up your heart rate. However, if you are relatively young and your heart is indeed perfectly healthy, you should be able to tolerate a temporary increase. It will level out as you get adjusted to the med. The dose should be cautiously small to begin, and increased slowly over 6 week periods until your thyroid hormones rise to mid-level range. Your treatment should NOT be based on your falling TSH level, and I suspect that's what that guy will do if he ever gets around to treating you at all.

If you can, start doctor shopping now. You're going to need a better one if you ever want to be well again.
i think a new doctor would be your best bet.

if you do have hashi's, you need to be on thyroid medication. in any event, your tsh is above normal levels, suggesting you are at least hypothyroid.

you need to be tested for anti-thyroid antibodies to find out if you have hashi's or not.

someone should also test your ft3 and ft4 levels.

these doctors! i swear they just dont listen, and/or dont have a clue. find someone who will listen to you and keep in touch here on the boards.

i have hashi's and i've had periods of high heart rate and tachycardia episodes. i'm on a very lose dose of synthroid.

good luck
My name is Nicole and I have been dealing with a high heart rate for amonth and a half. I have been hospitalized for a week after many trips to the er and dr's telling me i was stressed, well!!!! :bouncing: your heart pounding out of your chest can cause some anxiety. Well I had every test for your heart and it is fine. I went a seen a cadiologist and he said this" every body has a natural pace maker in there body and sometimes due to meds, diet, lack of exercise, stress and anxiety is will start to beat quickly and you tend to feel it more. he said it was nothing to worry about and it would NOT damage my heart. :D He told me to live life and that it will probably settle down, especially when my thyroid settles down. He also said to limit things like caffiene, vanilla, and licorice they are all adrenaline inhancers. I told him I have not been physically active for over a month and he said to start walking and then in three weeks get back to teaching aerobics. :wave: He also said that is the heart rate comes back to try to stay calm..hmmm :eek: ...and that it will not kill me. He said if is doesn't settle down that he could prescribe betablockers, but I am not keen on them because I heard they cause drowsiness...and i don't need any help in that department :p lol. He was very nice and listened to my concerns and he was my third try on getting answers. Everytime I went to the er they tried giving me adivan :nono: which i hated. So that is the answer I got. Oh yes i cut down on salt to!! My heart rate had gone as high as 130 resting, today it was 76 resting yey!!! It has caused me great stressed and now that is what I am working on. I am trying to do it drug free, except for the synthroid of course. I also started taking a B-50. I read alot on it fist and talked to a natural health nutrionist and what I found out is that Bvitamins help the body deal with stress and aniexty, i jsut started three-fours days ago so I am not sure if it will help but I really don't want to taking aniexty meds. I bought the book The Thyroid Diet and it gives alot of good ideas for eating properly with hypo. I gives alot of good natural/vitamin tips on how to support your thyroid. Anyhow hope this helps some
Tkae care stay strong
PS i read that eating foods high in magnesium help with heart palps. :)