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The antibodies are made of proteins. They have a life span of about 3 months. I believe each individual will have "triggers" that spark antibody production....but it is well documented that stress aggravates it.

Your name is "hyperkim" so I am assuming that you are hyperthyroid. If you are taking anti-thyroid drugs then the drug itself will help reduce the number of antibodies. Anti-thyroid medications (ATD's) are mild immunosuppressants, as such they have shown to lower antibody levels.

Some hyperthyroid patients have used BRT (block and replace therapy) where you take a fairly high dose of anti-thyroid med PLUS you take a T4 replacement hormone (like Synthroid). This gives the patient the advantage of a higher dose of ATD working to reduce the antibodies while the T4 med will keep thyroid hormone levels normalized (so the patient does not go HYPOthyroid on the higher dose ATD).