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Please do something about this TODAY!. You have got to get hormone to your body or you are looking at a very serioius consequence. Call and get a script today and and get it filled.......................Armour is cheap, get on that to start with. Your body is probably so messed up with no meds. YOu can also get on synthroids website and get their contact info. They have programs to offer meds to people with no insurance.

Please let us know you inquired about this today, ok?


Also, since you are now in with a dr, ask them for samples...........my endo has boxes and boxes of samples of synthroid to give to patients who have no insurance..............he has even given me a whole bag of it. It is out there, you just have to ask. That way you can get the med for free!

I am so glad you got this taken care of, in the end you will not only feel better but you will prevent a huge list of problems for yourself.