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I was diagnosed with with Hypothyroidism about three years ago. I was prescribed Synthroid (I believe it was 50mcg) (White pills). After about 2 months on the synthroid the doc said my blood work was spot on. I had another blood test at 6 months and it was still perfect. I was feeling much better also. To make a long story short I lost my insurance and medical bills piled up and the doc would no longer see me. I have not been on the medication for about two years. My question is should I start back on the same dosage of synthroid without seeing a doctor? I am in the process of paying the bills down but its going to take a while(about a year) before I can see a doctor withou paying up front. I have been reading and found that Hypothyroidism can damage your organs. I dont want to harm my body in any way. The symptoms are present also. I feel tired all day, I dont drink anything but water, NEVER eat fast foods, I exercise daily and im still almost 70 pounds overweight. :confused:

What are the odds that my Hypothyroidism has gotten worse? I understand taking Synthroid when you dont need it is just as bad as not taking if you do need it. Is there any possibility (if any) for Hypothyroidism to cure itself? Is it a lifelong problem? Do you think it would be okay to start back on the same dosage of synthroid?

Sorry for the long post but I am worried and trying to seek advice before I start taking it again.

Thanks for anyhelp you provide.
If you have no insurance, you should try to find a clinic based on ability to pay, bring your bills. Or try and see if there is a free clinic somewhere nearby. Maybe contact a Endo's office nearby and ask them if they can direct you somewhere else if they can't help. I am quite new, but if you have symptoms and just don't feel well, you should probably be seen and put back on some type of meds. There are others than Synthroid. Good luck.