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Hello everyone. I'm very new to all of this and not sure where to start. I also feel a little odd posting since so many of you have struggled with thyroid issues for so long. I will share my story and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I went to my primary care dr. last week because I have had mirgraines more frequently. I made an appt. after dealing with a migraine for 4 straight days. He gave me migraine meds but thought I might have a thyroid issue. Based on some of your stories, I guess I should consider myself lucky that he actually thought about this all on his own.

He called Monday and said my thyroid is low functioning and that my TSH is 5.1. That isn't very high compared to many of yours and wonder if I would really be considered "hypothyroid". He prescribed Synthroid and gave me no other information.

I've done a lot of research lately and read many posts and it does seem I have some symptoms. I'm just not sure if they are really thyroid related. Please let me know what you think. They are: Recently much more lethargic and completely exhausted by 7:30 at night. I was recently diagnosed with depression as well and I'm taking something for that. Depression does run in my family though. I've gained 8-10 lbs. and I have weighed the same since hs. This could be thyroid related, could be the depression meds or it may be because I'm just getting older. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago and have always had horrible cramping and heavy periods. I have also dealt with carpal tunnel off and on. Although, I do spend a good portion of my day at the computer.

Wow, after reading all of this, I sound miserable and much older than 34. Yikes! As I said, I'm a little lost with all of this and not sure what to think. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
I've done more research and figured that was pretty much the case. I guess I was still dealing with some denial and a lot of shock. I'm 34 and never had to deal with any major health issue.

I've been on Synthroid for a week now and haven't noticed any changes. I understand though it takes a while. Thanks again!