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Thanks Kathy:

I'm not overweight so for me it's not that...maybe it's more your thyroid than your weight too. I did shoot up 10 lbs in about 2 weeks when the swelling started and lost 8 lbs of fluid on the bumex. I ran out one weekend and shot up too...five pounds. My belly swelled up and I got short of breath too. Very strange. I have slightly leaky valves and my cardio says their not bad enough to cause the fluid. Yikes. I am going to insist on synthroid if my numbers are still like they were. I've complained about constipation, dry cracked heels, bloating, and fatigue at various times in the past two years. DUH.
Yes - you could well be right since the edema started around the time my thyroid went bad - I'm going to go to a cardiologist pretty soon because I have developed shortness of breath that won't go away - I gained 60 lbs before I got diagnosed - so it's so hard for me to tell what's causing what - I weighed 117 lbs my whole life until I was 36 years old and I could eat anything - then I just started gaining weight, getting depression, losing my hair and all the other things - but my thyroid blood tests were always normal - that's why it took so long for them to discover my nodules finally when I was 38....then I lost 40 lbs with synthroid treatment over the next 1-2 years and regained 50 lbs last fall when my thyroid swelled up again and they had lowered my dosage - argh!!!! I don't even know myself - it's been a long journey and continues to be - but some people have had a lot more success - everyone is different and it sounds like you are catching it early!! Sometimes you have to fight with the docs, so hang in there!
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I saw my FOURTH endo last week. He is going by the numbers & my symptoms. I have hashi's and my left lobe removed 8/5. This is the first endo who did not tell me that since my labs were "within" range, my symptoms were not thyroid related. I've increased the dose twice myself cause the endo wouldn't!! I am now on 88 mcg of synthroid/day. My TSH was about 1.5 (don't have it with me). He sais he'd go 100 on the synthroid if I needed to based on how I felt. I'm doing good! Might try the 100 to see if there is an improvement, but this is the best I've felt in 5 months!! AND I feel stable, which is really nice!
Keep trying until you find someone who will treat you based on YOUR symptoms!!
Although, I have noticed from this site, that it seems to be very difficult to treat hashi's while the diseased thryroid is still in a person's body. I think it's just to unstable. After all, hashi's is an automimmune disease, the thyroid is attacking itself!

Good Luck