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I just had my thyroid removed in September with a follicular neoplasm diagnosis, which turned out to be papillary cancer in both lobes. I too was diagnosed with Hashi's just before this. After completing RAI treatment about a month later, I was started on a 150 dose of Synthroid. At my six-week check, I was at a .35 TSH level. My endo's having me wait an additional six weeks and then having more bloodwork before making any change in my meds to get me to the low .1 TSH that they use for thryoid cell growth suppression (in case there's any left).

I have not had any weight gain, but I'm cold a lot, starting to have numerous joint aches, and skipped my period for the first time since having my last child years ago.
I'm new here also. I was diagnosed with Hashi's and papillary cancer in early November. They left a small part of one lobe. My TSH is at 1.46 at the moment. From reading this board, I am right in assuming I want that to go down to .1-.3?? At 1.46 I'm still feeling awful with exhaustion, fatigue and aches and what you guys call bone pain. My Synthroid dosage is at .88. I have more bloodwork in 3 weeks. I must make a list of questions for my doctor.
Can you tell me why it's important to know about the T3 and T4? I don't quite understand that.
I am baffled by the seeminging non concern of my doctor about the pap. cancer. Even with a 10 year survival rate of 99%, I haven't been lucky in one of these areas yet. None of us who have been diagnosed with cancer have been lucky honestly, have we?
Plus I just read a new paper issued in December that states papillary cancer is more aggressively metatastic than previously thought and that it's recurrance rate is higher with a higher fatality rate. Anyone else read this? Again, that isn't great news she says sarcastically. :rolleyes:
I had a TT on 2/21/06 with a 1 cm papillary tumor, nothing in the nodes. I am currently on 125mcg of synthroid. I asked to prepare for my RAI ablation trreatment with Thyrogen so I don't have to live hypo for 6 weeks. I am feeling good, I don't think I had the "hypo slump" after TT because my doc started me on 100mcg of synthroid about 8 weeks before surgery , because I was slightly hypo. I think it helped to have that 100mcg in my system.
This message board has been so helpful! Do any of you know of any other boards on the web that have a papillary cancer category? This is the most active Thyroid site I have come across. I found a couple, but posts were old and no activity currently.
Good luck to all of us! And remember when the going gets tough, we have (had) the most curable human cancer there is. :angel:
ps . my incision looks GREAT....but the swelling beneath seems to be taking forever!!! Doc said could be June before it is flat? What was your experience?