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Okay everyone. I stumbled across my new doc, that I went and saw for my itching, because Top Endo told me to see regular doctor or DERM for it. We went over most of my symptoms and she agreed I have gotton worse since I started treatment. She agreed to do a trial period of Armour and see if it works any better. But, we are doing with weaning off the Synthroid and I am confused by it.

She wants to start me on 1/4 grain (15mcg=2.2T3 & 9T4) everyday. Then continue to take 75mcg Synthroid every other day for 1st week, and then every 3rd day 2nd week. I am then to call and tell her how I am feeling. Obviously I was on 75mcg Synthroid before (now, waiting until Sunday to start). We agreed I would keep a list and rate them so when I call we can tweak it. I asked her if she was planning on the 98% 2% solution and she said no, eventually completely off of Synthroid and probably up the Armour.

Does this sound okay? I didn't want to push, I was lucky she was willing to try even and I am her first patient doing this. The office usually just starts on Armour. Thanks in advance.