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It seems to me as if many of our problems getting the right medication has to do with the ranges different labs use. Some hypothyroid people are ignored because they are "in range" and doctors don't want to prescribe if you are a 4.9 on a scale that says 5.0 is normal. We know most labs use numbers that do not follow current recommendations.

Who is in the best position to make labs change their ranges so they match current recommendations? Drug companies such as the makers of Synthroid, that's who has the power. They have a stake it this because the more people who are diagnosed, the more people who will buy their product.

Would it do any good at all to contact the drug companies and point out the benefits they would receive if they were to strongly encourage all labs to use the latest ranges?

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Either I'm having major brain fog or it's finally clearing. ;)
i dont know jane.

it seems so many people are mis/undiagnosed with thyroid problems because docs misinterpret or disregard numbers on labs that are outside of ranges, or that a number that is within a range may not be 'normal' for that particular patient - like you said.

i dont know who creates these ranges - if its the labs, the AMA, the pharmaceuticals. if people go without synthroid because docs dont read the numbers correctly, then the pharms aren't benefiting from that.

i think its more of a matter for the medical professionals, not the pharms, IMHO.