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Hi all! After blood tests, my Dr. just prescribed Synthroid 100mcg for me to take, because he said my thyroid levels are not bad, just low. (It being Saturday and all I can't call and ask until Tuesday with the holiday on Monday). He also said it may help with some MUCH needed weight loss! Is this true?

I am afraid of taking anything because I'm afraid I could gain more. I can't stand to gain one more pound. I am already 50 pounds overweight. Is this possible-to gain weight on Synthroid? Or is it the norm for most people to lose weight?

Thanks for any information you may have, before I start taking it!
i think 100mcg is high for a starting dose.

i've been on different doses, all lower than that, since october and i've not gained weight. however, if you HAVE to be on thyroid hormone, then you have to get into the mindset that replenishing your body with hormones is more important than any weight gain. if you are indeed hypoT, and need hormones, then theoretically once you get regulated, you will be in a position where losing weight will be easier.

btw, i've gained a lot of weight too, but it was before i went on the synthroid, because i went for months undiagnosed.

i'm curious what others will think here about your starting dose. again, i think thats high, especially if the levels "are not bad" to begin with.
Ibluckymom--I started Synthroid at 100 mcg. nearly three years ago when I was first diagnosed, my doc also said my blood levels at that time were low but "not so bad". (the question is "not so bad" compared to what?) That dosage was right for me, and I felt better very soon after starting to take it. It is really scary though when you are new to a medical problem and not sure what is going on.

Weight gain is one of the main symptoms of hypo, as your metabolism slows way down without the proper amount thyroid hormone in your system. The slow metabolism then causes you to not utilize the calories you consume correctly and you put on weight. If you have tried and tried to loose weight without success, no matter how much you diet, exercise, etc. given the symptoms you have described here, the root of the problem is most likely hypothyroidism. The synthroid will help to get you up to the proper level of thyroid hormone in your body and soon you will be loosing the weight more easily. If you are concerned about taking the full dosage, break the pill in half for the next few days, until you can call your doc. At least that way you will be starting to replenish thyroid hormone in your system without feeling like you are "overdosing". Three days on synthroid at half the dosage by breaking the pill, most likely will not harm you until you can contact your doc on

I am currently taking 112 mcg of synthroid, and think I need a bump up as I still have uncomfortable symptoms of hypothyroidism. Each of us is an individual with our own medical conditions and obviously meds will be prescribed accordingly.

This board is a wonderful resource and all the people here are very kind and caring about each other. It has been an invaluable source for me to gain a lot of information about my thyroid condition. Best of luck, welcome to the board, and hope you are feeling better very soon!
Thanks so much to all of you!

I will start by breaking the 100mcg in half, I think. Great idea! I sure hope it's right that maybe my hormones being off will level out so I can lose weight. Would be a plus, IMO.

I also went to Dr. about a month ago for being tired all the time and she told me I was depressed. I sure didn't feel depressed, just tired. She wanted to put me on prozac-a real weight-gainer from what I have heard. I didn't get the Rx filled because I don't feel I am depressed.

Then went to this Dr. and he put me on Synthroid. I hope these Dr.'s know what they are doing!
Synthroid has helped me to lose weight by increasing my metabolic rate to where it belongs. It's normal to begin to have lower rates of hormones, serotonin, dopamine change with age or genetic imbalances.
OK here is the deal, when I was first dx, my doctor said you always start on the lowest dose which is 25 mcg, that was 20 years ago for me and I am on 225 mcg, now, and I have never gain weight from that.

it goes in incredments of 25, 50 75 100,125,150,175,200 and so on, now there is a generic that has different incredments, so it depends on weather your getting synthroid or levoxylthroxine so keep that in mind.

Hope this helps :bouncing:
Thanks again everyone!

I took half of the 88mcg this morning-until I can talk to my DR.

Lisman, I think you are totally correct about it being very individual. The only thing I worry about, is my DR. told me I was in the "normal" range, but on the low end. I was even wondering if I needed them at all. I was really concerned with my weight and DR. picked up on and stated he would give me Synthroid to help start up my metabolism. This is a gynecologist, so I don't know how much to trust him. Would like to lose this weight though, for an added bonus! But, don't want to do harm to my body in doing so.

Very good info here, so much that I think I can talk to my Dr. and know a "little" what I'm talking about.