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hey guys I am so sick of this thyroid mess, I have had severe acid reflux /swallowing problems and now the doc says that it could also be my thyroid causing the problem, but i dont get it I mean I had RAI and the thyroid is very small, but now it seems as if I have gone hyper I had to stop the synthroid for 3 days, because of severe leg pain/heavy ut anxiety and alot of pooping-(hyper symptoms), and now I dont know when to restart the synthroid, i feel so tired and dizzy i am not sure if i am having a thyroditis attack, i dont know if i should start my meds today or wait a few more days, let me know what you guys think I am so sick of this, also I think the synthroid caused me to have bad reflux, aghh I am so sick of this any advice?
I will try to help as I had an RAI 7 years ago but it was not completely ablated. I am also working to get meds right.

When did you have the RAI? Do you have Graves disease or Hashimotos? What are your FT4, FT3 and TSH numbers? How long have you been on synthroid? Pixiek