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YOu can add synthetic t4 to your Armour regimen. He probably sees that your free t4 is too low but your t3 is good so you can't increase your Armour because that also increases your t3, perhaps he doesn't know you can just add synthroid to your Armour.

Perhaps that would bump up your free t4 and get you feeling better.

ok....I've been told by my own endos as follows:

My T3 and Free T3 are abnormally high and my Free T4 is very low normal. The reason he said my T3 was so high was because T3 converts pretty easily and gives you more immediate "bang for your buck" with relation to staying alive and feeling normal. Its your body's attempt to keep you as normal as possible.

I was told straight out that if I were to take my Synthroid and get my T4 up that my T3 would eventually come down cuase there would no longer be as much of a need for it in my body.

Another interesting aspect of my odd case is that my TBG was abnormally high. TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin) is the main transport protein of thyroid hormone. It is pretty unusual to have high TBG unless its inherited or a few other factors. The high TBG could produce "odd" labs. You might want to get that test if you have not done so.

I know the theory goes beyond traditional logic.....Take more hormone to have less hormone in your system??? My endo swore it was the case.