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Since I just found out 1 1/2 weeks ago that my TSH is low, I've shared the my situation with a few friends. One was diagnosed with thyroid cancer less than a year ago. She mentioned my TSH level (5.1) and situation to her endo and he said I should definitely get a second opinion. I also have a much older friend who is quite knowledgeable about health issues and she has me freaked out about the whole deal...particularly about taking Synthroid.

I'm just not sure what to do now. I do have a lot of hypothyroid symptoms but I'm not completely miserable. With that said, I don't know if I should take synthetic meds or not. Maybe I should start with something natural first? I don't want to do more damage, I just want to feel good. Ugh!! Thanks for letting me whine...
You have to try meds yourself and not worry about how someone else reacted to them. I am on 225mcgs of synthroid and have had zero problems. I also had my thyroid removed and had zero problems getting regulated on meds and never had hypo set in after that.................it is all in the dr.

If you are hypo and with a tsh of 5.1 and do nothing you are not only going to get worse, you are going to damage other organs in your body and you will feel much sicker as time goes on. I would get treated and not worry too much about what others say "could" happen if you take this or that med, try it and see how "your" body reacts to it.

Good luck,

like karen said, you will feel worse as time goes on if you dont take medication.

armour is a non-synthetic alternative. i havent tried it myself but it is an option in treatment for hypothyroidism. it is thyroid hormone derived from pigs.

otherwise there are synthetics like synthroid which i believe have been around for ages. i would suggest there are more health risks with taking birth control pills which are synthetic hormones as well.

if you are indeed hypothyroid, you need to get this addressed.
it's all just very scarey and overwhelming in the beginning. I question if I should stick with Synthroid or if I should first try some natural route. Maybe I'll look into Armour. I'm assuming you buy that OTC. Is that right?

Karen, I realize you have had your thyroid removed. I'm glad you are feeling so well. I've read that after taking something like Synthroid that your thyroid could eventually stop working. Do you know if that's correct? If so, it's like your damned if you do and damned if you don't! :confused: