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I'll keep this to the point...

1. I need to know benefits of T3/T4 combo treatment and specific brand names to recommend to new doctor. Synthroid alone over the past year has been a roller coaster. Especially comments related to hair loss, fatigue, and cold intolerance. I can't even feel my fingers right NOW!

2. To anyone with hair loss: Did you lose scalp hair only or along with eyebrows, etc? I want to confirm that my scalp-hair loss only is thyroid-related.

One more thing, I just received a $1500 bill from blood tests my current Endo ran late fall. All of which he did not discuss with me, only had the nurse phone me to tell me to decrease from 88 mcg to 75. I had to request the seven pages of results twice. My short term insurance has refused to pay ANYTHING.
There are all kinds of theories on T4/T3 combinations. If you haven't done well on synthroid it could be that brand or it may be that you are not yet on a high enough dose to benefit you. Remember you want to shoot for the upper 1/2 to 1/3 of the lab ranges for FT3 and FT4....forget the TSH and do not dose by it as it will DROP and not help in guaging dosing and wellness...if your doc only goes by TSH....you need to find a new doc!

There are other T4 brands like levoxyl and two or three others...sorry I don't know all the names.

Cytomel is the T3 I hear mentioned a lot. I do not know if there are others.

There are also natural thyroid hormones made from piggy glands one is called Armour and that has both T4 and T3 and many have good results.....but not everyone.

Before you start a T4/T3 combination, you will want to get properly tested. Ft4, FT3 and TSH. In my case I convert T4 to the active T3 just fine and when I tried Armour (T4 and T3) it turned out to give me too much of a good thing (T3) and I felt awful. Others who seem to have a conversion problem of T4 to T3 seem to benefit quite well from it or some other T4/T3 combinations. Some doctors say the T3 in Armour is too much and would rather dose T4 and T3 individually...some say 2% T3 and 98% T4 best copies what the normal thyroid does. Hope this helps. Pixiek
Thank you both for your speedy replies. I understand that TSH is suppressed on treatment and that’s EXACTLY what my current Endo always references for dose adjustments. He does not believe in T3 additions/combinations, only Synthroid. I have two more weeks before insurance kicks in and I am losing LOTS of hair. I don’t have much left so this waiting game is extremely frustrating! I made an appt with a “Top Thyroid Doctor” ASAP in the first week of February.

I am so afraid to wash my hair as that is the worst shedding! I am trying to go 4 days between washing, but feel and look terrible! I’m shedding as we speak (at my desk!)

I will definetly get my Frees tested and understand to introduce very small amounts of T3 at a time to not experience side effects. I have been on T4 for over a year and constantly battle with my health. I know Hashi’s fluctuates your thyroid levels much during the “attack” and I have tried so hard to be patient. It’s time to try something else. I’ve heard about Cytomel and also Thyrolar.