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What part of Chicago. I can tell you who not to see if want some type of T3.

I live in the NW subs of Chicago. I have been to a few doctors in the last few months and really don't like the Synthroid issues with them. I pulled out a phone book and starting calling and asking. If they were not able to answer anything, crossed off. Then I called one office that actually talked with me and found out in my plan, nearby, and was on the Armour doctor list. His new patient list was long and couldn't see me for quite a while, but they offered my his newer partner, a woman, and I just said yes so I could please the ENDO (who won't prescribe T3 at all and a TOP doc list maker and in Maywood) about the itching (was having severe itching problems). This new doctor is working with me to switch over to Armour from Synthroid.

I have only been on Armour for four days and really feeling better. I actually feel warmer, not crashing by 1pm, can see things better, and started to remember little things the last day or two. Wierd. I am a little surprised because I am only on 1/4 grain right now and taking Synthroid every other day. We will slowly increase the Armour and decrease the Synthroid.

Good luck and if you are nearby, let me know.
Thank you everyone. I've been googling all the Dr's in my insurance and am having a hard time finding any info. I guess I will just have to make appts and ask them in person.

StuckInIllinois - I live in the city. I also am on Armour and am much better on it then I was on synthroid. I am thinking of making an appt with Dr Rober Sobel. Have you ever heard of him? Do you know any Dr's in the city?

Thanks again.
I go to a great endo in the north burbs of Chicago. I can give you the name if you want. I have only gone to him one time, but my sister has been going to him for years. I used to just have my primary care doctor check my thyroid, but for the last couple of years they haven't been able to get it under control. When I went to this endo he adjusted my throid meds and I feel a lot better. I don't know how he feels about Armour though. I am on Synthroid. But it doesn't hurt to ask. Well, good luck with your search.