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My endo is recommending a total thyroid removal but has left it up to me to decide. He's not been very helpful answering my questions. I'm meeting with a surgeon to discuss, have asked for a copy of my medical records, and have located a second endo to consult (an hour away!). In any case, I have lots of questions I'm hoping some of you "experts" can help:

1. What is life like after a TT? I've read some encouraging reports here. Are they typical? I have a very large goiter. I have been on synthroid for 9 months with no change in size. I have been testing every 8 weeks at overreplaced even though my dr. has been reducing my synthroid doses and feels my thyroid just "isn't cooperating" ...not sure what that means. I feel okay. I've had thyroid problems for at least 15 years but have only been treated for the last 9 months. I made radical lifestyle changes incorporating regular exercise and better diet a year ago and lost a lot of weight (before I started meds). I do have vision/contact problems that may be thyroid related, have always felt a little foggy and have always suffered from occassional mood swings. But all in all, I feel okay. I'm wondering if a TT will increase my chances of developing more severe symptoms and how how hard it is to find a good, happy med dose afterwards?

2. What is scarring like? How long does it take to heal and will it always be noticeable?

3. Is weight gain typical after a TT? I would hate to think that all my hard work to lose weight might be jeopardized?

Any other comments on TT would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
I had a TT about 5 months ago and wouldn't do anything different. It gave me my life back. I had hashi's/nodules and was just plain sick. I never had abnormal labs before surgery so I never took meds prior to having it removed.

Make sure you get all the answers beforehand, it is your health and they owe you that.......

Make sure your surgeon does just as Betsy talked about......................uses the internal dissolving stitches and NO drains. Mine scar is 6" long and you really have to look for it to see it. It is just a purple, flat line..............you really can't see it. It looked great three days after surgery. I never had bruising either. ASK how they close it, if they use the old drain method and don;'t settle for less. With the internal stitches you can take a normal shower the day after surgery and not worry about getting anything wet either,

As far as meds I had no problems getting straightened right out. I discussed all this with my endo prior to surgery. He was all for adding t3 if you need it or want to try it and he is also all for treating a person with no thyroid by their symptoms and not just by a piece of paper with labs. I am taking 225/250mcgs of synthroid and 12.5mcgs of cytomel. I gained maybe 8 pounds after surgery but it came off as soon as my meds got to be where they needed to be for me. I had lost 60 pounds prior to surgery from the hashi's.

I am the same way............I can wear all my old necklaces again, my face and neck look so thin and no more ear, jaw and shoulder pain from that huge thyroid.

It is a pretty painless surgery and recovery was swift. I did laundry and vacummed the day I came home and in fact I had a hard time resting because I felt so good finally.

Keep us posted on yourself,