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I really believe my vision problems are thyroid related. Mostly I think due to light intolerance and contact fit. My night vision was steadily worsening (I'm only 34) and repeated trips to my optometrist didn't help. Then I started taking synthroid. The first two weeks on the meds while my body was adjusting I had amazing energy, and I could see better than I could in years. Then my body adjusted and med doses have changed and my vision is okay but night vision is very bad again, I am super-sensitive to light (wasn't before meds), and the contact brand I've worn for years no longer fits comfortably. So, yes, I do think thyroid affects vision.
I have had eye problems of itching, sensitive to lights, infections, styes (sp?), like a fog, and the blurry effect here and there, and feeling of something like dirt is always in there. Every year when going to eye doctor (just last week in fact), says everything is fine and give the same old prescription for contacts. I have noticed since switching to daily wear contacts from bi-weekly ones they aren't as dry. I don't like to wear my glasses because the lights bother my eyes more with them and don't have clip on for sun. I just recently added Armour into my Synthroid and have noticed after a few days I can see better at night and clearly all the time. It's strange, but true. It's like somebody lifted the foggy cloud sitting there for years.