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Ok, first of all NO dr can say you do or do NOT have Graves without antibody testing!!! INSIST on it! Do not take no for an answer. If your dr says he/she knows for sure that you don't have Graves then find another dr. You need to know because you are dealing with an autoimmune disease and can have several things going on.

My best friend and my grandmother had rai for Graves. Neither one had any problems from it, but, they both had fabulous dr's. Check, recheck and then check again to make sure your dr is really skilled because I am a little leary already by them saying you don't have Graves and you haven't had the antibodies test!

Both my friend and my grandmother had the rai..............got regulated on synthroid and that was that................but like I said they had excellent care. My grandmother went to the university of PA and my friend and I had found the endo that I am using, he is from Mayo clinic. Quiz the heck out of a dr before they do anything to you. You have the right to ask anything..........if the get offended then they are more worried about their ego than your health so move on.

Just read up on the rai so you are well informed so you know what to ask and what to expect and most importantly, you will know what the dr should know!

let me know how things progress.