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Pixie--Thank you for your response. I am just curious how many people actually have problems with natural thyroid since the docs seem so set against it. I also am on T4 only, and do not feel well. I don't feel really bad, just not well. I don't know if I am converting T4 properly. I have asked my doc about Armour but he says the dosage is "unreliable" and won't perscribe it. I had half my thyroid removed 2 years ago due to a suspicious nodule--fortunately no malignancy. My current doc is the ENT who did my thyroid surgery, a synthroid fan, and won't consider anything else. I think he is a terrific surgeon, but it's time to see someone else for on-going thyroid maintainence. I finally got an appointment with a top endo. in March, long wait for an appointment but he is highly recommended so I hope it's worth it. I am trying to learn as much as I can prior to seeing this new endo. I have heard nothing but positive things about threrapies other than synthroid, and am curious what the negative side is all about. I'm trying to gleen as much info from other thyroid patients as possible prior to seeing this new endo. Anyone else out there who has had problems with natural thyroid, or Thyrolar the synthetic T4/T3, please post. I need all the help I can get. Thanks to everyone for your support. I have gotten more good info. from this board than any other research!
It's time for a history lesson.
Yes, the "medical community" frowns upon Armour, but that means nothing to the millions who successfully take it.

Natural thyroid extracts have been used since 1892 and were approved by the FDA in 1939... before Synthroid was even brought to market in 1940-something. Yet Synthroid wasn't approved by the FDA until 2002, after the govt agency became concerned about the product's subpotency and instability. The fact is that Synthroid and other brands of synthetic T4 have been routinely recalled for potency and stability issues; Armour has never been recalled for those problems. It and most other natural glandular preparations are made to standards approved by the United States Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.), which ensures that its potency is accurately stated on the label. Any doctor interested in knowing the truth should contact the Broda Barnes Foundation to put an end to his/her ignorance.

The power of advertising has always been immense. It was so in the 1940's, when Synthroid started its smear campaign against Armour. Armour was bad-mouthed as being "impure" because it was made from "dirty" pig glands. MDs were sold on the notion that Synthroid was "cleaner" because it was made in a laboratory, and they were enticed to convince their patients of it when Synthroid started rewarding them with kickbacks. The endocrinology depts of most major medical schools are funded to this day by $ynthroid dollars... which is the main reason why the notion persists that it's the better medication. The schools don't want their cash cow to dry up. Is there any wonder why it's the most prescribed (and expensive!) thyroid medication on the market today?

In the time I've been a member here, I can count on one hand the number of people who ended up worse on Armour than on some brand of T4-only. Yes, it happens, but not nearly as often as the "medical community" would have you believe.
Quote from lisman1408:
wonder why its the synthetic thyroid meds. that primarily fund the schools, not the diabetes pharmacutials...?)
"Primarily" is your word, not mine.

When I first suspected that I was hypothyroid, I researched the subject in depth and found this site in the process. I referred myself to an endo, where I got my diagnosis and a prescription for Synthroid. That was slightly disappointing, because I had already read dozens of testamonials on this Board about Armour... how everyone seemed to favor it over synthetic T4. I thought, "Synthroid is the most-prescribed drug for hypoT, so it must work best for the majority of people, so I'll give it a fair shot." The lowest dose of it hit me like a boulder. It sent my T4/T3 over the top of their ranges, rendering me overmedicated and hyper. The endo told me to stop taking it and wait until I got sicker... sick enough to tolerate that small dose. Huh... how stupid is that? No way! I self-referred to a new doctor who prescribes Armour over anything else, and I have had no hypersensitive reaction at all to it.

In short, if you aren't completely satisfied with the way your T4 works for you, you have nothing to lose by finding a doctor who will prescribe a combination natural drug [or who will at least prescribe a synthetic T3 to add to your T4] for you. If it works, you'll then become a believer too; if it doesn't, at least you'll know you tried everything to get your body back to what's normal for you.
I'll add my two cents worth....I've been on both Synthroid and Armour. I hated Synthroid because it made my throat swell shut if I didn't drink enough water, and I THOUGHT the Armour was going to be better. I've been on between 2 and 4 grains for about a year now. The longest I ever felt good, was about 5 weeks and now I am experiencing heart palps and sweating so ONCE AGAIN will have to endure another adjustment period. Honestly, I'm not happy with either drug. I know it would help if I had a more knowledgable endo (I have an appt. with a new one soon) but that's my experience with Armour.
Bethany-you mentioned that synthroid made your throat swell shut. I have a similar symptom that I call 'fuzzy throat". My throat feels like it is coated with peach fuzz or hair is tickling the back of my throat most of the time. Unfortunately drinking a lot or water does not relieve the symptom for me. Also I have thick saliva/muscous in my throat most of the time causing me to clear my throat often, or a chronic cough. An ENT diagnosed me with LPR, a form of acid reflux. The treatment for reflux did very little to relieve this symptom. I can't begin to tell you how irritating and uncomfortable this problem is.

Could you please describe what it is that you mean by your throat swelling shut. I would like to compare symptoms as I believe this "fuzzy throat" stems from my hypothyroidism. Thanks.
After years of synthroid I was switched to armour because I wasn't feeling 100% either. I was on armour for about a year and doing well, but then started getting anxiety and heart palpitations. What it ended up boiling down to was there was too much T3 in the armour for me. I was switched to cytomel (synthetic T3) and Synthrid but the heart palps were still really bad.

To be honest at that point it might have been a lot anxiety too... like too high T3 started them but then my body took it and ran kind of thing and the anxiety became it's own monster.

Anyway, I was put back on straight synthroid and over the months my palps have gotten better (but never left) and now the Dr wants to put me on a combo cytomel/synthroid dose.. he said it was slower releasing but since I'm not converting T4 to T3 he really wants me to try it. That's a whole seperate thread I started on that yesterday tho... I'll go bump that up rather then hijack yours :)

Good luck! I really think armour is good, it just was a little too much for me. I know for that year before things started acting up I felt the best I had in years. And I have hashis and it might not have been the armour at all, it could have been a hashi flair up.. I don;t know. But armour is worth a shot.