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Tanja, I have wondered and wondered what happened to you girl! Listen you can NOT settle for this!!!! You should be on top of the world by now! 150mcgs obviously is not the dose for you. She is doing you a HUGE injustice by not increasing your meds and only checking your tsh. Your tsh can be 0.00 and you can be normal................if y our free t4 is low that could be your key right there. Also, do you take anyy t3 replacement? That made all the difference for me..............just 12.5 mcgs of it.

Ok, this is a secret so it is a whisper..............( can you up your meds every other day by .25 and see what happens?) If you feel good or can tolerate it then go to everyday? I don't know I hate to tell people to mess with their meds, but my endo said with NO thyroid like you and I are in that a tweak of .25 either way is not a problem and that sometimes you need it before they can see you. That is his philosophy. He said we are different because we have zero thyroid hormone we are dealing with since we had a TT and you can't really set yourself hyper very easily. I am up to 225 one day and 250 the next along with the 12.5mcgs of cytomel everyday and I feel great. I think you are way too undermedicated and you have a dr who knows diddly do about thyroid meds, especially when you have no thyroid. You must have a free t4 test and a free t3 test. What if your body is not converting and you are walking around with your t3 at the bottom? That is what happened to me! Just a small dose took it to the top of the range in 3 weeks. It is fast acting, not something that builds like synthroid. Can your dr not order these tests?

When my tsh was down to .75 my endo increased my t4 because my free t4 was not even mid range. That did the trick.................my free t4 went to the top and I am doing great. You have got to insist on help and someone who gets it! I cannot believe you had a TT and all this time your dr is performing a useless test and not referring you.

This is how stupid she is...................your tsh test measures your thyroid-stimulating- hormone...................the message it gets from your pituitary gland! Ok, you do not even have a thyroid so it is not getting any message from your pituitary gland.........there is nothing to the tsh test after a TT.

Oh, I am just mad for you! Do something this week, do not settle girl!

Let me know what you do, ok?
Hey Tanja & Karen,

Glad to see you both on the board - I was worried about both of you.

Tanja - I sure hope you feel better real soon. I was in hopes that you were doing fine by now but I haven't checked the board recently so I wasn't sure.
What all are you taking now?


Sounds like you are doing great. I am fine - no hair problems as yet - I am still taking 175 mcg of Synthroid. I still need more energy. Karen - go to web md for the article on CLA.

Hope to hear from you girls soon,