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I spent saturday throughing up and diahrreah(?) for no reason. It just came over me and kept going until I had no more to give. After I had a miserable headache and continued to be iffy the next day. On Sunday I experienced blurry vision and a still weakend stomach. I found a moldy fruit cup and spent the next couple of minutes with the dry heaves. Every time I think about it I get the dry heaves all over again. Tonight there was an episode on CSI that I've seen before, but tonight it made me gag. What's the deal with this? I know my stomach has been feeling off, but why now, why this. I go on wed. for my 6 week blood work after restarting my synthroid after I-131 treatment. Has anyone else felt like this?

I get very sensitive and can throw up and have severe food sensitivities around my period (I did RAI years ago and still struggling with synthroid dosing). BUT, could just be the bug! Pixiek