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My dr said to do it for the first week and really pay attention to how you feel............after the end of the second week is when I always go to every day. The thing is if it is the right dose at every other day that may be all you need. The dose I am at now is an every other day dose and it works well........I cannot do the every day thing with this dose but the next lowest dose was too low so I just stuck with every other day. If you want you can stay on it for the 6 weeks and then up it "if" you still have symtoms. My dr was very proactive in preventing hypo after my TT so that is why I went to the daily dose at the end of week 2. If, you switch to the new dose daily and it is too much just go back down to every other day. I know so many people who do much better with every other day type dosing. I take the same dose of Cytomel every day and just the synthroid dose is different. I use a 7 day pill holder to keep it all straightened out!

Let me know how you make out..........