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Hello everyone,
I am at such as loss as to what to do!!! I have been on 75mcg synthroid for almost 5 years now. Never had a problem with it before last year (I don't even know if that's what it is), but...I had a baby last January (he just turned a year old). My levels have apparently been normal since being put on synthroid, even when I was pregnant, the dose has never been changed. Ever since he was 7 weeks old, I have had an unsatisfiable hunger, dizzy spells, a sinus infection that won't go away even with antibiotics, occasional palpitations, and weight loss. Most of these symptoms have gotten SOMEWHAT better, but are still definitely there all the time...and my levels keep coming up normal. However, before I was diagnosed, it took months for my levels to go out of whack even with all the hypo symptoms I was having. Are these symptoms now hyper??? I have been seeing an endo for a while, who cannot seem to find the problem either. Diabetes has been ruled out too. I had gestational when I was pregnant, but now am considered "pre diabetic." The hunger has got to be the most annoying. I can eat a whole plate of food and never, EVER feel full. And if I do get an occasional feeling of satiety (SP?) it won't last more than 30 mins or so!!! Can anyone help me???? I have just started breaking my 75's in half just to see if this helps...I am getting to where I can't take much more!!!! This has been going on for 10 months now!!! Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be helpful.
thank you,
Okay, what the heck is "flora"? I know - google it. :rolleyes:

I also am hungry all the time and have GAINED weight since my surgery and my Synthroid. It's really ticking me off. No, I don't know all my labs etc. I won't know until my next appointment in 2 weeks. My TSH is 1.46 but my doctor does not test the T3s/T4s. And I've been reading here long enough now that I actually called his office yesterday and told his nurse that I wanted those tests done with my next blood work-up in 2 weeks. She actually said, "well, I'll see what he says." And I was adamant believe me.
First of all, I don't see an endo. Why? Because my oncologic surgeon (he's become a "thyroid specialist" because he, also, has Hashi's and Papillary Cancer). He said he would be my thyroid physician when I asked for an endo rec. Oh dear, "endo rec" sounds really strange, doesn't it? "Hey, I'm going in next week for an "endo rec". :D Anyway, I have both Hashi's and papillary cancer as he does. He is superior as a surgeon however he is a TSH addict as you guys talk about a lot. I too was a gestational diabetic with my 2nd pregnancy many many years ago. (10lbs 7oz - 23 inches, I swear to God! And I only gained 25lbs!) I have been very healthy (I thought) until this hit. Thin, eating well, exercizing etc. I have gained 10 lbs in 2 months and am "puffy". :p Now I'm thinking I have every auto-immune disease in the book.
I digress, sorry. I just wanted to say, yes, I am hungry and eating like a cow. Healthy foods but I am so upset at the weight gain. What is the deal?

Don't get me started on how sick I've been with colds, flu etc. And I've rarely been sick before. One cold a year. Does anyone else feel they get more colds and infections than "before"?