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I recently started seeing a great ENDO. On the first visit she spent an hour with me going over history and asking about symptoms. Anyway, due to a bout of bad hives this past summer, a TSH that's been hovering around 3, testing positive for the TPO antibodies, and prior postpartum thryoiditis, she diagnosed me with Hashi's, did another round of bloodwork and started me on 12.5mg of Synthroid (she wanted to start low as I'm pretty senstive to meds and don't really liking any). I was on it for about a month and was beginning to notice increased anxiety, and started to get some heart pounding, so she told me to stop and do my bloodwork although it hadn't been 6 weeks yet. I had been off the meds for 3 days when I got the blood drawn. The results are:

Total T3 .98 Range (.61 - 1.81)
TSH 2.16 (.35 - 5.0)
T3 Uptake 32 (22 - 37)
T4 6.3 (4.5 - 10.9)
FTI 1.99 (1.10 - 4.20)

Does this mean anything to anybody? I was expecting my TSH to be lower but it wasn't? She wants me to do more bloodwork in 6-8 weeks again. Does it sound like I just can't tolerate any meds or did I just not give it enough time?

As always, thanks for everyone's help.
Hi, well, I might be missing it but I do not see the blood work for the most important numbers FT4 and FT3. The doctor seems to not have tested these important ones. These two labs will give you the best idea which direction you are headed and if you are overdosed or underdosed. Perhaps those other labs give some info. and others can help out. But from now on, you will want to have the lab work listed above...and keep track of them and your symptoms and this is THE road to wellness.

Just judging from your TSH (which is not the best indicator) you mostly likely need thryoid replacement meds. If you are having a hard time with the particular brand of thyroid replacement (this does happen) there are others that may do you better (besides synthroid) including Armour, which is a natural thyroid relacement and works especially well for those needing extra T3.

Hope this helps and others will probably chime in. Pixiek