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Sorry you are suffering. I know how you feel, and it is really hard to deal with frustated anger. New to Health Message Boards so hope I do it right. Not sure about being ok or not to suggest certain things but will give it a go.
My thyroid problems have been my whole life. Synthroid or armour thyroid were never any help. My temperature always 96.5. Low temp is sure sign of thyroid. I accidently found something when searching web for thyroid problems. Dr. Wilson has a lot of answers, in fact he discovered the need to test for one of the T's. Wilsons Temperature Syndrome is known to a lot of persons but seems to be by "common" man more than doctors. If your doc has not heard of Dr. Wilson, he can call and they have doctors that will explain the whole treatment procedure. The tests, the whys and the what to do's.
Hope I haven't violated anything with the information.
I have not been able to to this yet. Not working, no insurance so have to wait. Until then I just suffer the symptoms. Hope you get relief soon. Yes, it is really hard to find a good, decent doctor. Oh, just remembered. Lots of people with thyroid problem(s) also have adrenal problem. Usually adrenal fatigue. Good Luck!