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that I am starting to feel better!! I was just dx with HypoT about 3 weeks ago. I had gained 10 lbs. in a short period of time, have horrible cycles, on Lexapro for depression, carpal tunnel and had been very lethargic (ready for bed by 7:30 every night).

I am on 100 mcg (i think) of Synthroid and starting to feel good. I have had a good level of energy all day long and have stayed up until 10-11:00 the last few nights with no problem at all. That's how I used to be!

I am also slowly trying to stop the Lexapro. I've taken 1/2 a dose for the past 4 nights and will go to 1/4 soon.

Anyway, just needed to share my good news!! I hope it keeps up. :)