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Hello everyone! I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The doctor said that the normal range for the TSH was between .4 & 5.5. My level was at 8.74, is that really high? I am new to all this and have a few questions. He has prescribed me Synthroid .05 mg to take once a day. One of my biggest symptoms is that no matter how hard I try & do all the right things I just keep gaining weight. I am 5' 6" and my normal weight before all this started was around 125 pounds. I now weigh 184 and seem to keep going up no matter what I do. Once I start taking this med will I start to get some of this weight off? Another one of my concerns is side effects of the med. Are there any really bad ones? Will I finally start to feel better once I start taking this med? How long will it take to start working? I guess that is all the questions I have right now, although I'm sure I'll think of a few more. Like I said, I am so new to this & really don't know what to expect. Thanks so much in advance for any input, I have already learned so much just from browsing through some of the posts.
I was just diagnosed with HypoT about three weeks ago and was also prescribed Synthroid. I've been taking it since then and have actually started to feel better this week. My biggest complaint was feeling lethargic and that has gotten much better. I have also gained some weight over the past few months and hope the Synthroid helps. Although my dr. seemed to think the medicine could help me lose some of the weight, I don't hear many people saying that it has worked for them.

You'll just have to be patient and see what works for you. It may also take a while to find the right dose for you. From what I gather, it takes at least a month, often more, for the medicine to really get to work and for this to be reflected in your levels/labs.

Personally, I have not had any side effects on the medication. I hope you expereince the same. Good luck to you!