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I was wonder something. I was reading about the 2% solution and am wondering if it might be right for me. I think I could get my DR to let me try it, if...

I understand the main concern is about heart palps and heart problems right?

I am currently on RX for high blood pressure and Tacchicardia (and that's not spelled right-LOL FAST heart rate) Prior to DX I had low bood pressure, but as treatment progressed my BP climbed higher and higher and my resting heart rate went to over 110. I had palps and periods of racing! The medication has it all corrected. Also have a fmaily history of coronary heart disease.

So the question is, does anyone know if a DR would let someone already being treated for heart stuff to even try Armour? Or should I just not mention it? I was feeling pretty good on straight Synthroid, but I always felt like I could have felt a little bit better. And I was thinking that if I need an increase maybe I could talk him into letting to add in a natural.

MY thanks in advance to anyone that help me with this. :wave: