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I'm seeing the surgeon early tomorrow morning. I was started on 100mcg of Levothyroxine, the day after surgery. BTW in the hospital they gave me Synthroid but my insurance company filled the precription with Levothyroxine by Sando. Prior to surgery I was more on the hyper side of the spectrum at 0.75 so I am not used to hypo symptoms. I'm having a hard time with my body temperature, it hovers around 97.5 and my hands feel like blocks of ice. Although everyday has been an improvement since surgery, today I am feeling extremely tired and and I'm realizing I'm too laid back and slow compared to my normal self.

If doctor agree that this dose is not enough for me and tell me to take one plus 1/2 pill every day (150mcg) would that be too much of an increase in one shot? This TSH replacement is really new to me since I've never had to take it so I have zero experience about it.

Any help is appreciated,