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Thanks for wishing me well! I have to say I am not a person that just believes and jumps on board with alternative medicines...if it works then it works. If it doesn't then, I will try something else. I have to honestly say that my 1 month liver detox did little to improve my situation....maybe it would work for someone who really, really, has a liver problem...I don't think I did...oh, sure I ate well, and that is always good, but I did not at least notice any real, tangible results....perhaps there were some, but vague.

So let's see....I don't have much choice, as so far synthroid, or armour alone, has done little for me....I do think he is right about balancing the whole endocrine system.....wish more doctors realized that this disease does not operate in isolation....I'll keep you all posted as it goes! Pixiek

PS: we tested adrenal fatigue with 4 times saliva test...can do it yourself (as I did) ...plenty of internet info on it.