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I do agree with midwest1, but is it possible that your T3 in finally converting from your T4 properly, so you are lower in T4 for right now? I thought T4 was like a gas tank, a holding station. T3 is the gas line that makes the engine run. Did you just start or recently switch.
I am in the process of switching from Synthroid to Armour (1/4 gr at a time) and my doc is worried about the T3 being higher than the T4, but she seems to be expecting it and is also going to base it on how I feel as the main thing and no side effects. If in the end, if I do have too much T3 over T4, she will include some type of synthetic T4 in my daily meds or just send me to a specialist (Endo) to work out the kinks. We are expecting this process will take months. But I have many positives so far and will never let a doc take away Armour/Westhroid from me. I might have to end up with both, but if I feel better, that's okay.
Also, I pulled out my labs and all different in ranges for TSH and FT4s. I even have one with .61 - 2.00 as the range for FT4. Looks like all the FT3 ranges are 2.3 - 4.2. It just shows you the difference in labs
Armour is dessicated pig thyroid tissue and contains all of the thyroid hormones that human bodies make - T4, T3, T1, T2. The main ones are T4 and T3. Armour is slightly richer in its proportion of T4:T3 than the human gland makes. No one knows why Armour can prevent a rise in the T4 level, as it may have done in your case (and mine, BTW). Some think it could be due to the extra T3 that it has, but no one really knows. Because of Armour's tendency to squash T4 levels, many patients need to supplement the Armour with a T4-only drug. All levothyroxines - Synthroid, Unithroid, Levoxyl, etc. - contain T4 only. So one of these is added to Armour when a patient's T4 doesn't keep pace with her rise in T3 levels.

Also, it's pretty commonly known that Armour will suppress TSH, so watching TSH to judge dosing isn't the best way to go. It's much better to watch FT4 and FT3 as a guide. My own TSH is only .02, which would usually signify gross overmedication; but my FTs are about the middle of their ranges, so it's safe to say I am definitely not overmedicated. My own doctor is an alternative, too. He knows it's OK to suppress TSH as long as the FTs don't rise too high. He doses solely by the FT levels.

Let us know what happens after your bloodwork comes back.
What a wealth of information. Thanks! I also have CFIDS (definitely and borne out by definitive blood tests, so not mistakenly Hypo). Also, I have Hashi's. I mention the CFIDS because I do not do well on synthetic meds. I was originally tried on Synthroid, Levanthroid (sp.) and levoxyl many years ago and did not have a good reaction. Therefore, I want to continue with the Armour only. I am not having any Hypo symptoms, such as I had years ago before starting meds (I can distinguish between the two disorders), so I think I may be okay with the 45mgs. and he said I could double it if I did feel any symptoms developing. How does that sound? I will check back when the TSH returns and thanks again all for your collective wisdom! I'm pretty savy about CFIDS but these Thyroid numbers always leave me feeling confused :confused: