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Hi illmakeit-

I feel for klasikal88keys because i started having the same symptoms as their daughter since i was 19. Everytime I went to the Dr. they gave me anti depressants and that wasnt even my complaint. Finally this summer, I went to the ER 3 times in 2 different hospitals. The dr.'s diagnosed me with a headache and mild dehydration, but said everything was normal. The dr. actually told me that the ER was for sick people and i didn't belong there, even though my BP was low, my heart was racing out of my chest, my balance was off, i was dizzy,my temp was low....( i could go on for an hour.) Finally, after 3 months , they did a complete thyroid scan, and discovered my TSH was 8.125. Yeah, that's real normal.
Then i was told that I could not have all of these symptoms with a TSH of 8.125 and i should see a psychiatrist...........I told them that i dont need a shrink, i need synthroid.
It's just so fustrating to be repeatedly told that everything is fine, when in reality being fine does not entail this many symptoms!! I suffered for 6 years, and i know that my misery could have been avoided if the dr.'s actually listened to my symptoms.