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Ok I'm getting desperate to feel better. I went for my appt. and the endo. said they found follicular carcinoma when I had my tt in Dec. I knew this from my follow- up appt. with my surgeon but his point of view was that there wasn't any vascular invasion so my prognosis is really good. The endo. on the other hand wants to do RAI just to make sure that it doesn't come back, that scares me to death but that is another story. He still insists that I don't need any t3 to make me feel better. So anyway I found another doc. who is a DO and until then I was wondering since I have this RX for cytomel (supposed to take it for 4 weeks before my RAI) would it hurt to try adding some to my 150mcg of synthroid. I really would like to feel better before I have to go without any thyroid meds. Like I said I'm desperate and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think you should be careful with cytomel dosing, particularly without a doctor dosing and watching you. If they gave you a high (replacement) dosage to prep before your RAI, you might get too much T3, in combo. with your synthroid dose (which doesn't sound like a low dose), and that would be dangerous.

When is your RAI? I'm afraid you might get yourself all hyper, and then drop low, and feel even worse. Perhaps it might be better to work on your dosing after your RAI if it's in a few weeks?

Also, if they end up keeping your TSH suppressed after RAI, which many endos prefer, you probably won't feel hypo at all on even just T4.
I wouldn't take cytomel without your Dr. knowing. 25mcg is high to start with. I'm on 5mcg with my synthroid and I get heart palps on that (even though compounding seems to have helped with that). Plus if you add in cytomel, you'll probably need to decrease your synthroid.