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Hey everyone...i had graves at the age of 4 and had a full thyroidectomy at age 8.....during surgery i was diagnosed with hypoparatyhroidsim which has been my biggest problem since....however i have a question...i know that food affects the absorbtion of synthroid so when i take it (930 at night) i make sure i dont eat after 6pm or before 1045....just to be safe...but i noticed another warning on the bottle saying not to take within 4 HOURS of vitamin or mineral supplements...now i take rocaltrol (vitamin D supplement) and calcium supplements throughout the day...i was wondering if anyone was in my situation or if they just know what happens if they are taken within 4 hours of eachother....like if absorbtion if messed up or there is a reaction with eachother whatever the case may be...thanks alot
Calcium supplements and calcium-containing antacids, iron supplements, estrogen supplements and contraceptive pills, and some cholesterol-lowering meds inhibit absorption of Synthroid and other levothyroxine products. These substances bind up the levoT and makes it unabsorbable. One guide I've seen recommends separating these by at least one hour, but most authorities say 4 hours is best.
many of us have to rule our lives by the clock in order to get all the meds and supplements we need. I take my amrour sublingualy (I took my synthroid this way also when I was on it) there is no documentation on taking it this way but many many hypo do it to bypass the stomache.