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Any brand name is usually better than a generic levoT. A "generic" isn't one medicine that's made by just one company. Many companies make generic levoT, and each product can be slightly different from the other. When you have a script filled with a generic, use it up, have it refilled time and again... You might be getting a different company's generic each time you refill. Pharmacies contract with whatever generic-producing company that gives them the best price. It's a grab bag.

Successful hormone replacement of any kind is crucially dependent on stability of the hormone ingested. You can see why generics don't offer that kind of stability; but I hate to tell you, brand names often aren't a lot better. Levoxyl is one brand that has a high frequency of recalls for stability and potency. Synthroid has its fair share, too.

That is NOT to say you can't be successful with any certain brand, and it's also NOT to say Levoxyl is or isn't the one for you. Individual differences in people and drugs make it imperative to experiment until you find the one that works best for you. But if you have been taking one brand for some time and get stable on it, be aware that a sudden downturn in your condition can sometimes be due to an unstable batch of the med. Check with the pharmacy to see if a recall has been issued.

For what it's worth, Unithroid is the T4 synthetic which has the fewest recalls to date. Still, it may or may not be a good med for you.

I'm glad you got your increase. You no doubt needed it, as I remember from past discussions. But be aware that your MD's statement that Levoxyl is "better" is somewhat mistaken. It may be better for you; but if after a fair trial you find it isn't, don't be afraid to ask for another brand.