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That is so typical! First of all your tsh is way too high and you have to dose by the free t4 with no thyroid. If a dr is dosing you by your tsh when you don't even have a thyroid you will never get well. YOu need the ranges for your t3 test as well so you know if you need t3 meds.

Do NOT settle for this!! You had the surgery to get your health, not to get sick. It is all up to you sadly though because unless you find a dr who knows the above things you will have to be pushy. It is so important to find an endo or any dr who knows with no thyroid at all you need to dose by your symptoms. My endo and surgeon hate labs when you have no thyroid. They both like symptoms...............bp,, weight, temp, muscle pains...................that is a much, much better way to get yourself where you need to be than a stupid lab test that is testing for nothing since you have no thyroid!!!

Do NOT take NO for an answer..................just don't. Demand the right tests...........a free t4 and free t3 to see if you are converting. If not you might need some cytomel which also improves lots of symptoms. When you have no thyroid alot of people have a difficult time coverting t4 to t3 and need some help with replacement meds.

I am so sorry you have to go through this but it is very typical. Get on the bandwaggon today so it doesn't settle in..............hypo sets in very quick with no thyroid and you can handle big doses of synthroid, more than most dr's understand beccause you and I have no thyroids so we don't have any of our own hormone spitting out.........I am taking 225/250mcgs of synthroid and 12.5mcgs of cytomel. Haven't had any hypo symptoms and I had surgery almost 6 months ago.

Push, push!!! :)