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I just started Synthroid about a month ago. I'm considering taking it until I get my TSH to a normal level. I would then like to find something natural to keep it there. I have no idea yet what I will try but I do not like the idea of taking something everyday. Are you on something natural or synthetic at this point?
I take Armour thyroid and am very happy with it. There aren't very many dessicated thyroid products on the US market. Armour, Westhroid, and Naturethroid are the only ones I can think of, and of those, Armour leads the pack. Since doctors too often refuse to prescribe dessicated thyroid, all three put together don't sell nearly as much as Synthroid. More's the pity.

Over the counter stuff may help with slightly low thyroid function in a basically healthy person. But for someone with diagnosed autoimmune disease, it won't help. The products are based on iodine, the theory being that the thyroid needs iodine to function. Since iodine deficiency is hardly ever the cause of hypothyroidism, it amounts to the same thing as putting gas into an old clunker of a car with a blown engine.