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Kant..........I noticed that you are on straight Synthroid. Am I correct? I just wondered if you have ever tried Armour or any other med with t3 and your experience with them. Without a thyroid, how can you be converting so well? Before surgery did you have high levels of t3?

When I was on straight synthroid I felt my absolute worst...and it seems I don't have a big problem converting. I just finished reading on the internet an article about the importance of Ft0, Ft1, Ft2 written by someone named Gail. She said that there are certailn cells in your body that will just die if you don't get these hormones.
Hi Shmily,

I'm sure she'll be around to answer you soon, but I do know she takes 225/250mcgs of synthroid and 12.5mcgs of cytomel.

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