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SHMILY, I guess it is a balancing act isn't it. I take armour, and my free t4 levels aren't even in the normal range. They are well below. I did try taking synthroid in addition to the armour, but then my bp went up even more and I got a little anxious so I quit the synthroid, but I was starting to feel a little better. I guess for me I need to get my blood pressure fixed, but everytime I increase thyroid, it goes up. And that's scary for me as my dad had his first heart attack at 47! Sometimes I just feel like I'm going in circles. Maybe, I should try the synthroid again. How are you doing now? Do you take armour, synthroid, or a combination now? And how is you bp? Did you get it straightened out? I would be interested in hearing how you take your meds and if you only take the t4, if you don't mind me asking!