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Well I am very new to this board and very lost. I was diagnosed yesterday with hypothroidism. I was admitted last week into the hospital with chest pains, shortness of breath and serveral more complaints that went along with having a heart attack. Did the heart cath and an echo and found that I have two leaky valves, nope don't need a valve job :p Yesterday I had my follow up with my doctor armed with tons of questions on the heart valve aspect of things, when she told me she had good or bad news depending and told me that I had Costochondritis and I was hypo....she gave me Synthroid 50mcg and Mobic and Nexium for the other. Well that didn't seem like a bad diagnosis I take a pill everyday and I'm good to go. I did a little reading last night and stumbled upon this forum...now I'm thinking this is not something that should be poo-poo'd, it's actually more serious that I thought. Down through the years I have had blood tests to check my thyroid always normal. Now I'm wondering could this be the cause of the ringing in my ears that I have had for years, the chronic sinus infections, loosing my train of thought when I'm talking, depression, sleeplessness, maybe I'm not crazy??

Yesterday I didn't know to ask her my T3, T4 TSH levels as I don't know what they are or what they stand for and I didn't have any questions to ask her about my thyroid, I go for an ultra sound Friday on my thyroid and didn't even ask her about that....can we say total dummy.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some literature or a book that I can get to help me understand....and not be quite so ignorant about this.

Thanks for listening :)