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About a month ago, I found a doctor that was willing to work with me switching over to Armour from Synthroid. I felt horrible on Synthroid. We started on what we thought was a 1/4 grain and moved up another 1/4 every 5-7 days as long as no side effects. I was also taking 75mcg Synthroid every other day for 2 weeks and then every 3rd day. We stopped Synthroid last week when we found out the pharmacy had actually given me 1 grain tablets and not 1/4 grains. So by this point I was up to 3 a day (3grains) and had 1 day of 4 tablets. I never had ANY side effects, not one.

The doctor had my take labs 4 wks into new meds due to pharmacy error to see where we stand. Did not take Armour until after tests as read on boards before. These are results:
Total T4 16 (said 4 over range)
Free T3 3.47 No ranges given, but last range was 2.3-4.2
Free T4 1.5 (0.90-2.4)
TSH 0.3 (0.5-5.5)
My doctor wasn't too concerned over the TSH, but more concerned over the Total T4 for some reason. I just read about birth control pills, which I am on, can efect this. I phoned back doctor and left message about it. Decided to keep me at 2 grains (120mg) of Armour and no Synthroid for now. If anything changes, I need to call. I felt really bad last week when started 2 grain vs. 3 grains already used to and very moody. Starting to feel somewhat better but really tired in afternoon. Need to go outside or something to wake up. I am going to try 2x's daily instead of in AM only and thinking sublingual tomorrow. I have felt tons loads better since starting Armour so would like to stay on it.

The most recent result before these were TSH 1.3 (.35-5.5), FT3 2.6 (2.3-4.2), FT4 1.25 (.75-2.0). Was also different doctor. This doctor was going to increase me from 75mcg to 100mcg of T4 before I found this other doctor a week later that let me switch.

Thanks in advance for replies. This board is always so helpful and more knowledgeable than most . . . .
I felt much better on 3grains, even though we didn't know I was on it then. I am still only on 2grains since Friday. The doctor wants me to stay here a while because of all the T4 previously taken not knowing about it. Then I can move up again in a week or 2 hopefully. The doctor was a bit surprised that my T3 wasn't higher, but I wasn't. I still wasn't feeling like a 8,9 or 10, but I definately went up from 1 or 2 on Synthroid.

anyone knows about the Total T4 and explain it to me. She ran this and I didn't know, but I see estrogen can effect this and I am on BC pills, so would my results be a false positive of hyper?